Say 'bye bye' to cash

Digital gratuity payout
solution for the

Hospitality & Personal Care Industries

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3 part digital solution for cashless tips.

The App, the card, the portal.

Tipstoday is an alternative to cash solution for restaurants and staff. We provide employers, administrators and employees with a convenient and secure app-based mobile wallet solution for same day gratuity payout.

It works like this...

Why employers 

love Tipstoday

Saving time + saving money = good business

With a single file upload your staff get their gratuities in unison! Bing. They get a text message that they received the funds. Their app updates with the new balance. No more trips to the bank. No more stuffing envelopes. Just click send and get back to business.​​

Secure cashless payouts between management & staff

Seamless tips distribution backed by unparalleled customer support

Easy record keeping, reports available at your finger tips

Happy employees!


Why employees
love Tipstoday

Their pay, same day!



Pay bills

in app

Get gratuities instantly, paid to a Tipstoday prepaid Mastercard. Check your balance on your mobile device. Spend your money anywhere and everywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Shop in-store

or online

Withdraw cash at any ATM

Instant pay,

Your new favourite way to handle tips